Telefónica beco­mes the lea­ding digi­tal tele­com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on company

The digi­ta­li­za­ti­on chan­ges con­su­mer beha­vi­or and chal­len­ges brands con­stant­ly. Well-esta­blished mar­ke­ting activi­ties need to be cal­led into ques­ti­on, radi­cal­ly new value pro­po­si­ti­ons have to be added to cur­rent busi­ness logics.

Of cour­se, this deve­lop­ment does not shy away from Telefónica: Besides opti­mi­zing the o2 plat­form, real-time ana­ly­tics and gro­wing own orga­nic traf­fic are the focus of our work.

Since 2009, we sup­port the E-Plus Group and the Telefónica AG on their way to the digi­tal mar­ket lea­dership with stra­te­gic and ope­ra­ti­ve work.

Relevance ana­ly­sis – A dis­rup­ti­ve approach to iden­ti­fy orga­nic traf­fic potentials

The bad news: Reaching users with clas­si­cal online mar­ke­ting activi­ties has beco­me a dif­fi­cult task over the last years. The good news: Relevant con­tent works remar­kab­ly bet­ter. To iden­ti­fy sui­ta­ble con­tent, we deve­lo­ped the rele­van­ce ana­ly­sis which uses brand-, pro­duct- and mar­ket-rela­ted key­wor­ds to find cor­re­la­ting key­word clusters.

  • Identification of 65,000 most rele­vant key­wor­ds from 10 topic clus­ters with an addi­tio­nal search volu­me of 11 mil­li­on which results in an addi­tio­nal remar­kab­le traf­fic poten­ti­al each month
  • The sur­pri­sing out­co­me: Topics like fit­ness or health – not at all typi­cal sub­jects for a brand like Telefónica – have the hig­hest traf­fic potential

Content as an enab­ler for addi­tio­nal orga­nic reach and data

Content Marketing Best Case: Together with our part­ner Sinnerschrader we deve­lo­ped CURVED, the maga­zi­ne for the gene­ra­ti­on touch, and #youcan­do, the o2 blog that is so much more than a blog. Both plat­forms are main­tai­ned and ope­ra­ted by an inde­pen­dent edi­tio­ri­al staff con­sis­ting of digi­tal experts and ser­ve high­ly rele­vant and inte­res­ting con­tent to almost five mil­li­on users inte­rested in digi­tal mobi­le life­style. With both plat­forms, Telefónica is now a very popu­lar advi­sor and trendsetter.

  • Curved – from zero to hero: 100 days from the first idea until go-live, 100 days from 0 to a mil­li­on visits per month
  • Today: Two plat­forms with more than four mil­li­on mon­th­ly visi­tors as a cross-indus­try best case
  • Live data for CURVED from SimilarWeb

SEO 2.0

Based on a mul­ti lay­er stra­te­gy spe­ci­fi­cal­ly desi­gned for Telefónica by our SEO task­force, we were able to uti­li­ze unu­sed SEO poten­ti­al strai­ght away and dis­co­ver new orga­nic traf­fic poten­ti­al above average equi­va­lent to a eight-digit media spending.

  • Identification of lost media equi­va­lent of several mil­li­on Euros
  • Increasing orga­nic search traf­fic by 800,000 visits /​ month
  • Verifiable reve­nue increa­se at an above-average con­ver­si­on rate

On-site /​ con­ver­si­on optimization

Optimizing the e-com­mer­ce fun­nel and impro­ving the digi­tal self ser­vice oppor­tu­nities hel­ped Telefónica dis­co­ver unu­sed poten­ti­als and increa­se the con­ver­si­on considerably.

  • More than a 50% per­for­mance impro­ve­ment with custo­mer acquisition
  • More than a 10% increa­se of the check­out con­ver­si­on rate
  • Nearly twice as much online con­tract rene­wals than before

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Real-time ana­ly­tics

Analytics is the basis for the who­le custo­mer jour­ney. In order to act in real-time and give the who­le orga­ni­za­ti­on access to indi­vi­dual­ly rele­vant data, we deve­lo­ped and esta­blished the Digital Command Center at Telefónica’s Munich and Düsseldorf locations.

  • Real-time con­text sen­si­ti­vi­ty for offers and content
  • Real-time per­for­mance tracking and resour­ce opti­mi­za­ti­on of mar­ke­ting activities