Increase sales with the help of content

The majo­ri­ty of all pre­pa­ra­ti­ons for buy­ing a new car start online. Besides expli­cit sear­ches for brands and models, use cases and spe­ci­fic deman­ds (tra­ve­ling with child­ren, enough space for a golf trol­ley, navi­ga­ti­on, etc.) beco­me more and more important.

Just an examp­le: Every month, users con­duct three mil­li­on sear­ches for SUVs from AUDI or BMW. In con­trast, the­re are 54 mil­li­on sear­ches for SUV-rela­ted topics. There are simi­lar num­bers for other seg­ments of AUDI’s pro­duct ran­ge, e.g. pre­desti­na­ted com­pa­ny cars like the A4 or the A6 and its cor­re­spon­ding use cases.

This crea­tes new requi­re­ments for auto­mo­ti­ve brands on the one hand, on the other hand, enor­mous poten­ti­als can be unco­ve­r­ed through a detail­ed rele­van­ce ana­ly­sis of the afo­re­men­tio­ned use case mecha­nics. This also means that auto­mo­ti­ve brands have to address users and poten­ti­al buy­ers of a new car ear­ly on in the exten­ded Digital Customer Journey to be visi­ble at all – this can not be achie­ved with clas­sic car con­tent. The goal is to lead the con­su­mers to a spe­ci­fic and indi­vi­du­al solu­ti­ons and offers page with rele­vant content.

Success with use cases

AUDI imple­men­ted this stra­te­gy for their luxu­ry class models and wan­ted to find out which SUV-rela­ted topics are gene­ral­ly, cur­r­ent­ly or sea­so­nal­ly relevant.

The con­cep­tu­al design as well as the con­tent inte­gra­ti­on of AUDI’s offe­rings can thus be opti­mi­zed effi­ci­ent­ly and effec­tively for the cur­r­ent­ly most rele­vant topics.

IMG used its rele­van­ce ana­ly­sis to iden­ti­fy rele­vant topics, eva­lua­ted the­se topics accord­ing to stra­te­gic and tac­tic impor­t­an­ce and deve­lo­ped recom­men­da­ti­ons how the­se topics could be used to streng­t­hen the brand.

  • Data based iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of the most rele­vant topics
  • Consolidation of the­se topics by a detail­ed, SEO-ori­en­ted deep dive
  • Evaluation of the­se topics based on poten­ti­al and necessa­ry effort to posi­ti­on AUDI successfully

Evidence based con­tent strategy

The ana­ly­sis pro­vi­ded inte­res­ting insights which hel­ped us deve­lo­ping a suc­cess­ful con­tent stra­te­gy: Focusing on use cases spo­ke to a new tar­get group who did not start their digi­tal custo­mer jour­ney by sear­ching for AUDI in the first place.

  • Development of a con­tent and offe­ring struc­tu­re model: Topical, edi­to­ri­al and with the focus on traf­fic and con­ver­si­on from the tech­ni­cal side
  • Organisation of the con­tent pro­duc­tion pro­cess: Mobility- and brand-ori­en­ted topics gua­ran­tee not only best credi­bi­li­ty and visi­bi­li­ty among AUDI’s the­ma­ti­cal core seg­ments, but allow AUDI to take advan­ta­ge of new topics which are cur­r­ent­ly not clai­med by auto­mo­ti­ve brands in order to deve­lop eli­gi­ble and con­ver­ta­ble reach
  • Conceptional design of a new con­tent plat­form as well as the necessa­ry edi­to­ri­al pro­ces­ses ready to be imple­men­ted in 2017