How Google Search works

How Google Search works

Explaining how Google Search works is an essen­ti­al part of our initi­al work to illus­tra­te the advan­ta­ges of search engi­ne opti­mi­za­ti­on (SEO).

This always works best with a con­cre­te examp­le: We pre­fer our best prac­tice model CURVED which impres­si­ve­ly shows how important orga­nic traf­fic is and which methods help increa­sing orga­nic traf­fic on your own platform.

Usually, we keep the tech­ni­cal back­ground to a mini­mum. Primarily becau­se it is a very com­plex topic, Google not being one of the most trans­pa­rent com­pa­ny is ano­t­her reason.

If you are real­ly inte­rested in Google’s func­tio­na­li­ty and want to know more about how Google copes with the mas­si­ve amount of infor­ma­ti­on they have to deal with every day, we like to recom­mend the fol­lo­wing link whe­re the search giant exp­lains „how algo­rithms turn into ans­wers” in a com­pre­hen­si­ble and won­der­ful­ly illus­tra­ted way.

Read the arti­cle on Google​.com